Bankruptcy:    Chapter 7,     Chapter 13 (Bill Consolidation),    Chapter 11


Deciding to File bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is not and never should be considered a first choice when facing financial difficulties.  However, bankruptcy may be the only way out of continued harassment and real or threatened law suits.  Bankruptcy can give you peace of mind.

Am I the only one considering bankruptcy?

No, you are not the only one considering bankruptcy.  In 2002 alone, over 1.5 million bankruptcies were filed in the United States.  And, if you are like most people in financial difficulty, you have lost sleep over your financial difficulties.  You may even have fought with loved ones, been unable to concentrate, or been depressed.  If you are experiencing these things, you are among the many who are going through the same things.  

Is Bankruptcy right for me?

As with many laws in the United States, the current bankruptcy laws reflect a morality derived from the Bible.  Deuteronomy 15:1 reads:

"At the end of every seventh year there is to be a canceling of debts!  Every creditor shall write 'Paid in Full' on any promissory note..."

Nehemiah 10:31 says the same thing.

Only after careful consideration of your overall financial position should you decide whether or not to file bankruptcy.  And, as with any major decision in life, you should do so only after discussing your situation with good counsel.


March 27, 2000
Copyright 2006 Merv Waage