Bankruptcy:    Chapter 7,     Chapter 13 (Bill Consolidation),    Chapter 11



Chapter 7 is where you discharge (which means not pay back), almost all of your unsecured debts. However, some unsecured debts are non-dischargeable.  Some examples of non-dischargeable debts are


Certain taxes


Child support




Student loans


Non-listed debts


Debts obtained by fraud

The federal and state exemption laws are hard to summarize.  Whether or not you qualify to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is also hard to summarize.  Instead, we offer a free 30 minute consultation with an Attorney so that we can discuss your particular situation.

If a creditor has a valid lien on any property (even if the property is exempt), to keep that property, you must be current with the creditor and continue making your regularly scheduled payments to the creditor.  There may be some situations in a bankruptcy case where a creditor has a non-purchase money lien on property which can be avoided.

Your employer cannot discriminate against you or terminate your employment solely for having filed for bankruptcy - no matter how sensitive the requirements of your job may be.


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